Trend w Designie Nowoczesnej Kuchni - Urządzamy Dom i Mieszkanie - 2017/2018

 Trend w Designie Nowoczesnej Kuchni - naturalne drewno w otoczeniu pasteli.

AMSTERDAM – nowoczesny i uniwersalny front drewniany z charakterystycznym szerokim ramiakiem. Płaska płycina i bardzo szeroki ramiak pozwalają na ukazanie piękna delikatnego rysunku naturalnego usłojenia jesionu lub dębu pod mgiełką pastelowej emalii.  
MANHATTAN – płytowy front drewniany, stanowiący kwintesencję nowoczesności zarówno pod względem technologicznym, jak i wzorniczym.
Dostępne w ofercie forniry z dębu rustykalnego i sękatego tworzą unikalny i ciekawy wzorniczo produkt, szczególnie w połączeniu z płytowymi frontami emaliowanymi.
DUBLIN – front stanowiący swoiste połączenie klasyki i nowoczesności.
Zastosowanie delikatnego profilu frezowania na ramiaku połączone z prostą konstrukcją pozwala na wykorzystanie modelu w projektach kuchni klasycznych, jak i nowoczesnych.
Uzupełniające zabudowę kuchenną takie dodatki jak pilaster PL-Y i kolumna KN-F pozwalają na stworzenie kuchni w doskonałym stylu angielskim,
zachowującym jednocześnie świeżość i nowoczesny charakter pomieszczenia.

With appetite for growth the appetite for risk grows - BIZNES - kwiecień 2015

With appetite for growth the appetite for risk grows

Anna Szypulska talks with Andrzej Niewiński, the President of the Board in Drewpol

You are the man thanks to whom Drewpol survived the crisis years of 2010/2011. What was the crucial factor that helped you to put the company back on track?

I guess I was very lucky but also determined in achieving goals. In my opinion, this was not a real crisis. In the first decade of the 21st century the company – as the saying goes – did not do the homework and made mistakes. This resulted in the crisis within the company that lasted from about January 2010 till the end of February 2011. This was unfortunately crisis upon the company’s request which, at that time forgot that if someone does not develop a product and does not implement innovative models, who – in short – stop developing then this person is moving backwards. The truth is the competitors never wait but overtake you silently.

You came to the company a couple of years before.

Yes, I came before. I entered in the middle of crisis. The then company owners saw the alarming symptoms. It was exactly when I arrived, stayed and I just rebuilt some things during the crisis.

What exactly did you change?

The business model was similar to the one we have now. When facing the crisis, the company had to put emphasis on replacing the product offer. It had to be modernized because who stands still momentarily rolls down a cliff. So we prepared a number of new models, we created a new catalogue, we changed the people responsible for trade matters and for design. It has worked. At some point everyone was concerned about the crisis, they wondered what will happen in a month and orders started flowing rapidly. It turned out that a well-aimed product offer and more or less correct customer service may produce very good results.

At that time you were focused on producing furniture fronts and now the offer is much wider.

This is a natural stage of the company’s development. It starts to diversify its offer, it looks for new distribution channels. It is obvious that the business model of Polish companies that work in this industry has also changed. Everyone wants to control the margin chain, wants to just eliminate middlemen. As a result, they aim at delivering a finished product to the final customer. Controlling the margin is tempting on one hand but on the other it is risky. Unfortunately I’ve always been scared of production for warehouses. If we take the material from the warehouse and the cutter touches the board then we must know who is the final customer because then the possibility of making a mistake is small. However, when we produce for a warehouse we start to make our own creation: “This is beautiful, it should be sold.” But why clients do not want to buy this? A dilemma occurs. Actually it is not my personal reflection, as Drewpol made such a mistake in about 2008 – they chose the best-selling model and produced it for a warehouse…What can I say – this was a serious mistake.

Can an order-based production ensure stability for a company?

Currently the company possesses such a profile that we realize orders only. We carry out the production with accordance to the orders. On one hand this is a challenge because you have almost few hundreds orders under the production process at the same time and you have to deal with it from the technological point of view and we have almost 50 models in our product offer. The company receive about one thousand orders monthly. You can say that we turn on the production process one thousand times. If we are proud of our quality then we must control the technological process very restrictively. Therefore, if something like damage during an operation occurs we must start the next order for this single front. This is an impediment but we managed to overcome this.

In what way?

We spent much money on the project of computerization which is still in progress. This is a very advanced tool but as it happens in life, the more diversified production the more difficult it is to implement all the real processes into the system. The idea is that a model must function within the system according to which we assess the level of deviation. I think when we complete all these changes we will see what is the actual price of a given order and what is the actual margin on a client.

Will everything be under control then?

It is not only control but requirement. We are a production company and success in production companies is determined by the scale of production with given resources. If our resources are 8,000 m2 and we have orders for 8,000 then we work optimally but when orders are for 7,000, then something is not ok and if we produce for 5,000 we will probably go bankrupt. The thing is, when all our expenses are covered, this famous break-even point with a certain level of production is present, then any further orders may be calculated differently. You do not have to rely on a full cost accounting but on a variable cost accounting where every margin on variable cost is actually a profit. Now we can be more flexible if we e.g. want to attract a client we can offer him interesting prices, at least at the beginning of cooperation.

Do you have plans for increasing the production?

The idea of developing companies is slightly overrated because each uncontrolled increase is at the same time dangerous. With the appetite for growth, the appetite for risk grows.

So it would be best to maintain the status quo?

No. At this moment the company must be prepared for making development leap but to do this we have to have a working IT system. We must exactly know where is the loss of margin and whether our product matches clients’ tastes. Of course now our offer may be wide but the question is: will it become obsolete or not? We were at the fairs in Milan and Cologne where some design ideas occurred but we do not know when will they reach Poland, maybe this year and maybe at the beginning of next year. It may turn out that this was a false signal, that designers launched a balloon and looked how clients react. Meanwhile, we are still in the epoch of high sheen, simple form boards where no invention is required from a designer. In spite of appearances, our product is very complicated because a given model consists of several dozen positions and in order to make an interesting piece of furniture of it a designer must work really hard and familiarize with the furniture. If he does not know what a particular element is for then he will not use it. So we made one step further and we put some of our models, which are strictly for kitchens, in room arrangements. As it turns out it looks exceptionally good but to become convinced, someone must do it, show it, so the final customer have at least choice. Meanwhile, in most cases clients are presented with a fait accompli. Inspiration is fundamental. The wide offer may bring about our own downfall because we have a problem, I suppose as everyone who wants to conquer the market, with reaching a client. The ideas must reach him, they must be tested by the market. If there is too many of them then we have a communication problem.

How important is the domestic market for you?

This is a Polish perspective: domestic/foreign. For me, every market on which I can safely realize the assumed margin is my target market. Some time ago during a Christmas dinner a dream occurred that I would go to Italy with my wife, accidentally enter into a furniture shop and see… (smile)

What about the Eastern market? The political situation is being adverse now. The conflict in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia have complicated even more the difficult business relations. How does this affect the functioning of Drewpol?

The situation is difficult. We can identify about 20 partners on this market with whom we have cooperated in recent years and in the previous year. Looking at what is happening we must keep a hard core: six clients that we should maintain. However, we do not have any influence on the exchange rate. If euro in rubles went in price within a year and our products went in price about several dozen percent in the local currency then it is very difficult to stay on such a market without any corrections in prices. Of course, I have declared that I can give away the margin I have on these contracts but not more because If I give away more I will have to chip in from somewhere else. We must be very reasonable when talking with clients. We are perceived as a high quality supplier by clients from the Eastern market. They chose us because we have provided them with the design and quality of the Italians but in terms of price we have always been more than a dozen percent cheaper than the Italians. Currently the Italians do not exist on this market, they have been excluded by this situation. However, we have strengthened the criteria of payment because this is a fundamental thing. What has started is a sort of pulling: when they collect the money then we can start the production. I cannot take the risk I will not produce something because I do not know whether someone can collect it or not. They live is such a schism that there is a certain exchange rate, let’s say a good one, when they place an order but when we issue invoices it may be adverse. I must be sure that if I release a product and I make a compliment to a client then I must have the money on the account. In this way, a client start orders not whenever he wants but when he has financial capabilities. Orders occur and clients pay in a part of the whole amount and think they can tempt us, that if they have paid in 50% then we will start the production and we say we will do this if you pay in another 50%. However, this is a special market with good prices.

What is the influence of currency fluctuations on the company’s functioning?

I must admit that the recent turbulence on the global markets have helped us a bit because we have contracts in Euros. Złoty has also performed its crazy dance in December. We intentionally, as one of the few, have adopted a policy for securing against foreign exchange risk and now we are protected against this risk so there is no problem with currency transactions. Last year we earned big money thanks to exchange ratings, this was an additional bonus. This is my job conditioning because I am an economist I see some things from the angle of figures and parameters (smile).

Someone must assess the risk…

I always have a dilemma when the appetite for risk grows. It is obvious, when there are no orders then I hear voices “we must do this, we must do that”. Then I say :”no, no, no, we must not do this.”

Did the company want to invest in the environmental protection or did they have to? Was it required?

Let’s  be aware of the fact that for a production company every single expense that is not directly a production expense is a serious burden for the budget. I will say something unpopular but unfortunately this is how things look: it is profitable to poison and not invest in the environmental protection. I have been convinced to take this decision by the EU support. However, I must admit that I was blocked at some point because the suppliers of these devices have gone crazy. Prices they wanted were absurd. I was tempted to, instead of buying this expensive device which exploitation cost, build an emitter, two times higher chimney and these VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) would permeate on a larger area. The Environmental Health Department would buy this. Politics in this regard is inconsistent as far as I have learned it. The charges are disproportionate to damages done. Additionally, the State’s support in this matter is accidental and it was because of a strange coincidence that we bought this installation.

What about other investments? Are you planning some currently?

We have a credit promise from a bank but the situation is so uncertain that we have put this process on hold. We have spoken with suppliers of some devices but we have not entered into the phase of executing the contract because we must see what will be happening on the market, it must calm down. I do not know whether the production now will be “pulled” and it may be in the way we have done before. When we had orders we could not realize them on time and then there were no orders  at all. These were quite big intervals.

Do you think such a situation may come back?

Yes, I think it may come back – because of the Russia situation. They will have the oil prices fluctuate and much will depend on it.

How does acquiring of material looks like? Don’t you have problems with it now?

The material is a normal operational risk. We work on long-term contracts with suppliers so we confirm the quantities and the prices for longer terms for our clients. This year I am not seeing problems with alder tree or ash tree. I even think that our competitors have gotten their fingers burnt because it is a very difficult material in terms of technology. Some time ago when we were placing on the market models with ash tree we were very confident but when some complaints occurred we became more humble. The ash tree is a very difficult material, it must be seasoned, the moistness must be checked and I will tell you that currently our complaints rate concerning ash products is the same as with other materials. The ash tree, particularly under the coloring looks fantastic, it has such a fine structure and delicate pores. If they are emphasized right the product looks brilliantly. The only danger may be caused be the situation on the West where oak tree has become very fashionable. During all these auctions in State Forests you buy everything.

And this translates into prices.

There is always such a situation when someone outbids, then this person is lacking in a moment and must undertake corrective actions. We have protected ourselves in a way that we buy this material abroad and we pay in Euros and this is nice for me because when Euro is expensive then I pay much for the material but I have a high income. This also works otherwise. If Euro is cheap it hurts me because I have to sell cheap but the material is also cheap. If I have an exposition in Euros then I prefer having some costs in Euros too, everything balances then, this risk is not present.

What part of the material do you buy in Poland?

We buy the whole alder tree, 80% of ash tree and 50% of oak tree in Poland. This is not so much because of prices but rather because of special demands of clients. Here the supplies of oak tree results in cuts. This means if there is a habitat then it turns out that there is a bunch of colors. Small sawmills cannot to wipe the material professionally because I am not interested in particular flaws which are highlighted but such a way of cutting a log which hides them because I need a perfect right side of a front. I am not interested in the edge or in the left side. If operators in a sawmill are trained well they can do much work whereas if someone does not have experienced staff then he can have a 30% yield from a stump and the person with a skilled staff can obtain 60%. I am saying this as a financier theorist (smile).

Everything comes down to quality…

Because quality is not just the quality of the varnish surface but also the quality of service. Something can always happen and the emotions and thwarted expectations of clients must be gently relieved. It cannot be left thinking that this is a client’s problem. If we say we are the leader of design then we cannot just say this, we must show this, we must arrive at a fair and ask clients: “do you like it or not?” We are not a guru in this matter. If we say we rely on experience and on trying to apply the best technologies available on the market for finishing our products then we do not say this but we show this. On the other hand, it is nice that the company can alone, following the examples, getting inspired by what is emerging on the market create interesting propositions. Actually the challenge of a company in this industry is design in the first place. I think that the greatest flaw of polish furniture industry is the lack of research centers on design. According to statistics, we export a vast majority of furniture following a “no name” rule and this is a sheer misunderstanding. We do not want to enter in this area because this is the area waiting for a crisis. When the crisis occurs all these “no name” producers will bleed terribly until they switch to another models, another technologies.

This lack of brand in polish furniture industry is the Achilles heel.

I follow such a rule that you must open to others’ ideas because you may get blocked otherwise. Therefore, these “no name” producers are condemned to this. This is not a matter of product, it is a matter of a history and transmitting this history so the potential buyer get intrigued, tempted. You know what hurts me, getting to Milan is not expensive it can be arranged earlier and the ticket also can be bought earlier or you can get there with a car. Why Poles do not want to get there and see e.g. how to make an exposition. The same is with us, we can splash paint on a front but it must be done with a taste.

Are the furniture producers or clients lacking taste?

The best quality without a right design does not bring anything because a client usually expects that a product will be done correctly, that it will come up to his expectations. It is the design what is fundamental but not many clients pay attention to this. Think of our flats without furniture. Some time ago there was a wall unit, two divan beds, a table, a TV and plenty of other devices in one room. Now when you look at interiors you can notice subtle emergence of chests of drawers, very comfortable pieces of furniture and they must be nice. This is a simple rule – if you do not have many pieces of furniture they must please the eye with finished surface, a drawing, must be realized with some vision. I want our products have soul and I know that some of them have.

The wood itself has soul.

But you can kill the soul in a wood by making a monster or you can emphasize the beauty of this soul. I think that society, when the time passes and the economic situation gets better will become educated and will be voting with legs. There is nothing more motivating for a furniture producer than a client who turns back and walks to a competitor.

Thank you for the interview.

Crucial concepts introduced by Drewpol

Crucial concepts introduced by Drewpol

The previous year made the Drewpol company open to new directions of activities. The way the producer is perceived on the market has also changed. Drewpol, still making furniture fronts and components has become an alternative for making custom furniture. During the fair “Meble Polska 2015” the company celebrated a jubilee and talked about a metamorphosis which was expressed in the exposure inspiring to create beautiful interiors.

So far Drewpol has been perceived on the market as a company producing classical wooden fronts and furniture components. The company presented their products usually on a kitchen furniture. Since the last year, we started to show that our products are suitable for any kind of interiors. They can be used not only as a cover for a box shaped piece of furniture but also as a decoration – said Anna Heinrich, the marketing manager in Drewpol.

At the stand of unusual, multi-storey structure Drewpol displayed the wide range of products offered in the most trendy colors. The visitor’s attention was attracted by the concept of the display, clearly split into a modern and a classical part. The “Berlin” model, type “XHF” was used in the classical part whereas the modern part included the “XCNF” type of the “Berlin” model. This is a new type of front with the panel moved back and with a lower grip function, which was presented as a new one at the stand. – We wanted to show that a front perceived as a classical one can become a modern front in different arrangement – explained Anna Heinrich. All the wooden elements, that is the whole furniture, decorative additions and wall panels have been made by Drewpol.

Everything which was showed at the stand also set a new direction of the company’s development: being a leader in Poland in producing components used for furniture making. In the nearest future Drewpol wants to become a partner in designing interiors. The producers are interested in communication with architects so they could not only familiarize them with the offer but also show the possibilities of using their products. The company is also planning to develop the production of decorative elements and single pieces of furniture. 

The prototypes of new products were presented on the storey. These were free-standing furniture and new ways of finishing wood. The producer, showing what he can undertake wanted to inspire furniture factories and distributors who are furniture shops, carpenters and wholesale companies. Last year Drewpol included in their catalogue the first tables made of oak tree and alder tree as well as wine holders, that is wooden gallantry. This year the company showed chairs for the first time. They are not in the offer yet but are recognized as a developmental segment.


Furniture making – components and technologies

Omnipresent wood

The image of Drewpol’s stand and the presentation of their latest offer during the Meble Polska fair showed that the producer of furniture fronts is open to current design trends and unconventional structural solutions.

One of the new products that the company brought at the fair in Poznań is XCNF – a new type of furniture front from the family of Berlin model. It is the first front on the Polish market with such a construction type. A panel has been moved back in the XHF stile which now provides an additional functionality – a lower grip. The front is now thicker (26 mm) and there is no need to use any external handles.

The Berlin model itself is a classical front with a panel-frame structure made of traditional oak tree and with appropriate ground color. It perfectly matches loft rooms as well as other interiors, both classical and modern ones. The new XCNF type can be ideally combined with the previous XHF type.

- We wanted to show the versatility and timelessness of the Berlin model at the fair, which brings unusual character to a room and which guarantee durability thanks to the kind of material used and the way the product is finished – says Anna Heinrich, the marketing manager. – As a result, based on the same components, two arrangements has been created in one place. They differ stylistically because of the additions selected from the Drewpol offer.

The XCNF type is also available in door frames, mesh doors, blendes and drawer fronts with lower grips.

Apart from the new type of front, Drewpol also showed wooden tops and wooden decorative panels. The tops are made of laminated wood joined by finger joints. The tops and decorative panels can be made of different kind of material and finished and colored differently. Another newness are free-standing decorative elements such as newspaper holders, candlesticks, armrests for couches and furniture.


Lots of visitors were interested in a chest of drawers made of a solid wood with different kinds of natural veneers and finished with a few kinds of colors – says Anna Heinrich. – The drawer’s fronts were cut to an angle of forty-five degrees so they faced when closed and created a one block.


Facing the biggest design challenges.

The Drewpol company from Osina has been on the market for 25 years. During that time its visions and goals evolved, but one thing remained constant—striving for the clients' satisfaction from the service and products they receive. The current picture of operations of that one of the most known Polish manufacturers of front panels was drawn for us by the President of the Management Board of Drewpol, Andrzej Niewiński.

MMiA: Drewpol is clearly associated with wooden front panel production. Can you tell me more about your full offer?

Andrzej Niewiński: Currently our offer includes 17 modern models and 26 classic ones. The term “model” does not involve only one element of the front panel, but rather several elements which together create a product family within one design, i.e.: panel fronts, frame fronts with a glass pane, lattice, mullion, arch, mixed fronts, drawer fronts, decorative trimmings and other elements, also those with flexible forms. Additionally, our offer includes several kinds of mouldings, including cornices and pelmets, both curved and straight. Our accessories also include joint covers for pelmets, spice boxes, frames, pilasters, columns, capitals and volutes. 
The entire offer has been supplemented this year with standalone furniture, such as: wine racks, tables and shelves. We would like to expand that category even further with decorative elements. Based on our products, the client can design complete furnishings or select single pieces of furniture according to his or her own ideas and select any desired colour. The selected furnishing can be used in the kitchen or in the living room, such as: a chest of drawers, bookcases, desks, tables, items for the bedroom, elements of furnishing for the hallway, as well as decorative finishings for windows and door. 
 The range of colours is very wide, starting from dark up to the light ones or natural, earth tones, all of which can be further adapted with patina.

MMiA: Which of your proposals are currently the most popular?
A. N.: Up to the year 2012 our offer was dominated with classical designs. Wood, the material we use for our products,
is associated with traditional, stylish front panels, and such models were most frequently ordered by our clients. Apart from models which are very popular in Poland, such as: Czajkowski, Puccini, Chopin and Wieniawski, there are also such modern models as Lizbona (Lisbon) or Londyn (London), which are also in demand. 
 There are continuous works on new projects, and therefore we hope that we will inspire our clients with new trends in design every year. 

MMiA: Which aspects are in favour of using high quality wooden front panels? 

A. N.: Wood is the only material which has always been and will always be in fashion, as long as the products made of wood are of high quality. Wood is one of the most natural materials and it also has the advantage of fitting virtually any other material: starting from stone, through ceramics, glass, metal, up to plastics. 
On the one hand, it creates a specific contrast, and on the other, it can make such a unique juxtaposition very appealing by emphasising its character. Wood, like every natural material, can be renovated, which can greatly extend its lifespan. The process of renovation can give it a second life by changing its colour or finishings. 

MMiA: In which direction is the design of wooden front panels going? Are there any distinguishable trends? 

A. N.: Lately, natural materials in our surroundings have been in fashion, which is favourable for wood and showing off its natural structure. Apart from clear varnishes, earth tones on front panels and light colours are popular, since they very subtly show wood grains. Also, the recent fair in Milan showed that natural, authentic wood continues its domination, particularly oak, ash and pine. The intertwining of the classical and the modern style is still clearly visible. Very modern arrangements are joined with elements made of natural materials, i.e. wood, for instance thick kitchen tops in kitchen islands, wooden accessories, etc. Furthermore, furniture with front panels made of a classic material, such as wood, and with a classic frame construction is given a modern appearance through the application of a colour—a single one, a cold one, or by employing a handleless system.

MMiA: Do you also manufacture products according to the designs and specifications provided by the client?

A. N.: The wide offer in our catalogue does not limit us, and therefore we also execute individual designs, mainly for larger clients. Our standard offer which is directed to individual clients offers non-standard solutions, dimensions and colours, which gives us an important competitive advantage. 

MMiA: You have been on the market for almost 25 years. What is your current position on the domestic market?

A. N.: Our distribution network on the market is based on warehouses, furniture studios and carpenters. We are currently cooperating with approximately 300 entities across the country. They include a very important group—designers—with whom we are building stronger and stronger relationships. They are the ones who give ideas for end clients in terms of design. We try to support and inspire them in using our extensive product offer and to advise them on the creation and execution of particularly captivating projects. 

MMiA: Do you consider foreign markets on which Drewpol managed to appear as important for you? Do those markets have any particular conditions?

A. N.: A large portion of our export is to the Eastern European market, where there are genuine wooden furniture lovers, who appreciate its particularly classical and elaborate versions. Also, the Western European market responds to trends concerning wooden furniture, however in an entirely different form in terms of design, but it also prefers classical models and finishings. However, nature and earth tones, as well as simplicity and moderately classical designs are more in fashion on the Western European market. We export our products to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Germany and many more. 

MMiA: What is the current situation in terms of sales of wooden front panels—do you feel the influence of the crisis and its macroeconomic factors?

A. N.: Sales are currently relatively stable. The crisis has only slightly influenced us in terms of delayed payments of receivables, particularly from foreign clients. Despite that, the 4th quarter should be the best this year.

MMiA: How do you see the current situation of Polish enterprises which manufacture furniture? What is the direction of development
for the industry?

A. N.: The situation is diverse—some firms are in crisis, some made the effort to remodel their product offer, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for their success, because they are also the recipients of our products. I think that the future is in the hands of those organisations which 
follow the trends in design, are determined to build their own brand, and those, which are constantly putting the raising the quality bar, not only in terms of their products, but also customer service and care. Clients' expectations continue to develop, which makes our operations more dynamic.

MMiA: What are your plans for the future?

A. N.: Our enterprise puts forward the highest quality of products both in terms of technology and design. We have started a continuous process
of development and investments, which will allow us to execute those objectives and to create a stronger, own brand. We want to inspire and execute the most daring furnishing projects and individual furniture design. Throughout the 25 years we have developed a strong product offer which became one of the most extensive offers in that particular industry.
We are currently at the stage of stable development and our objective is to create an organisation which will be continuously adjusting itself to the changing market environment. We are strongly expanding our product offer and we want to be perceived as the manufacturer of beautiful and highest quality elements for furniture. We want to create a brand: “DREWPOL QUALITY”. Moreover, we will strive to change the way Drewpol is perceived by the clients and become more than only a manufacturer of kitchen furniture front panels.

Meble Materiały i Akcesoria - wrzesień 2014

Inspirujące propozycje Drewpolu.

Firma Drewpol – jeden z czołowych polskich producentów frontów drewnianych – w najnowszym swoim Katalogu Nowości – pokazała inne niż dotychczasowe tradycyjne spojrzenie na możliwości aranżacji wnętrz oraz budowania mebli w obrębie swojej oferty produktowej. Drewpol odświeżył dwa uniwersalne modele z dotychczasowego asortymentu oraz pokazał zupełnie nowy front w pomieszczeniach innych niż kuchenne.

Modele prezentowane przez firmę maja tę zaletę, że ich kształt, a także propozycję wybarwień można zastosować w nowoczesnych, jak i bogatych, klasycznych aranżacjach lub mieszając obie konwencje. Dodatkowym atutem jest ogromna paleta elementów uzupełniających jak listwy ozdobne, kolumny, pilastry, które w finalnym efekcie nadają wnętrzom ich charakter.



Pierwszym z modeli pokazanych w nowej odsłonie jest Lizbona. Model ten, stworzony z myślą o klientach preferujących nowoczesny design, łączy on prostą konstrukcję i ciepło naturalnego drewna. Modne jasne wybarwienie stanowi doskonałe tło szklanych dodatków dających w zestawieniu efekt prostoty i czystości. Paleta dostępnych kolorów pozwala na efektowne kombinacje w pomieszczeniu.



Front w modnym waniliowym wybarwieniu. Jego kształt wyznaczają proste linie ram i skośne nacięcia na ich łączeniach. Wypełnienie frontu w postaci wyprofilowanej płyciny stanowi odejście od prostych kształtów, nadaje mu charakteru. W zestawieniu z ciemnobrązowym wybarwieniem pozwoli na budowę w pomieszczeniu niepowtarzalnego klimatu.



​Zupełnie nowa propozycja. Front ten posiada uniwersalny kształt, idealny do zastosowania we wnętrzach o charakterze klasycznym jak i nowoczesnym Doskonale sprawdza się w budowaniu mebli do salonu, biblioteki, biurek, regałów. Dostępny jest kolorach ziemi, pozwalających na różne harmonijne zestawienia w jednym pomieszczeniu lub meblu.


Do pobrania: Meble Materiały i Akcesoria - wrzesień 2014.pdf

Meble Materiały i Akcesoria - lipiec-sierpień 2014

Drewpol - naturalnie inspirujący...

Drewpol, jedna z wiodących polskich firmprodukujących fronty, działająca w tym obszarze jużponad 20 lat, rok 2014 rozpoczęła od wzbogaceniaoferty nowymi kolekcjami.

Pod hasłem NATURALNIE INSPIRUJĄCE wprowadzono fronty wpisujące się w aktualne trendy wzornicze: uwypuklona zostałajakości użytego drewna,stosowane są połączenia drewna z innymi materiałami, zastosowano nową paletę wybarwień w odcieniach natury. Inspiracje projektowe związane z kolekcją nowości pokazują możliwości zastosowania produktów Drewpol w każdym pomieszczeniu wnętrza i w każdym meblu, a nawet dekoracji.

Firma chciała przedstawić nie tylko swoje możliwości w nowoczesnych formach frontów, ale także zaprezentować możliwość zastosowania klasycznych rozwiązań w nowatorskim wyposażaniu wnętrz. Przykładem pokazującymte dwa kierunki z szerokiejoferty nowości są cztery modele: Ateny, Berlin, Oslo oraz Sofia.


Ateny to nowoczesny design łączący lity, ryflowany dąb z płytą MDF, gdzie lity,drewniany uchwyt mocno dominuje nad całością frontu i nadaje mu naturalny charakter jakości i solidności. Fronty z rodziny Aten będą dostępne z różnymi typami uchwytów, a także płaską wstawką z ryflowanego dębu, co będzie dawało wiele możliwości kombinacji zestawień w meblach lub zabudowach. Oprócz frontu MDF z uchwytem, w tej grupie znalazły się fronty z ryflowanych lameli dębowych w trzech grubościach. Ich zestawienie pozwala przedstawiać powierzchnię płaską ryflowanego dębu lub stworzyć układ "cegiełkowy”. Typy te mogą występować jako fronty, blendy albo panele dekoracyjne na ścianach bądź innych powierzchniach. W ofercie będą zaprezentowane także meble wolnostojące,jak stoły z ryflowanego dębu, jako komplet do tej kolekcji, która wzbogacona jest dodatkowo o szeroką paletę kombinacji wybarwień. W propozycjach aranżacji na bazie modelu Ateny firma Drewpol zawarła nowoczesność w połączeniu z naturą oraz swoje doświadczenie w wyposażaniu wnętrz.

Ateny Ateny


Model z litego dębu. Ten wydawałoby się klasyczny front,o konstrukcji płycinowo-ramowej, z tradycyjnego surowca, został przedstawiony w loftowym, przestrzennym wnętrzu. Odpowiednie dobranie materiału oraz wybarwień pozwoliło pokazać zupełnie nową odsłonę dotychczasowej klasyki przystającej do bieżących trendów w aranżacji pomieszczeń.

Berlin Berlin


Front ten posiada unikalną powłokę lakierniczą odporną na zarysowania, dzięki czemu może być zastosowany w wielu pomieszczeniach i na różne sposoby, gdyż dostępna jest wersja z ergonomicznym podchwytem oraz zupełnie płaską nowoczesną formą. Oba rozwiązania są chętnie wykorzystywane przez światowej sławy architektów wnętrz, a gama 23 oklein naturalnych i modyfikowanych stwarza jeszcze większe możliwości do realizacji niezwykłych pomysłów. Ponadto unikatowy lakier pokrywający powierzchnię w 100% pochłania światło, co powoduje wrażenie głębokiego matu. Niepowtarzalnym efektem jest aksamitna powierzchnia, jaką front zyskuje w dotyku. Fronty fornirowane okleinami naturalnymi to świetne rozwiązanie do małych kuchni dzięki elastyczności dostępnych wymiarów. W przestrzeniach łączących salon i kuchnię można użyć tego samego frontu, aby stworzyć jedną spójną całość na wielu metrach kwadratowych. Powtórzenie fakturyw kilku pomieszczeniach daje wrażenie harmonii w całym domu, więc jest doskonałym pomysłem na zachowanie stylu całości. Okleiny naturalne to odpowiedź na trend wykorzystania materiałów naturalnych w pomieszczeniach, ale również potrzebę otaczania się tym co naturalne. Forniry doskonale prezentują się w nowoczesnych salonach, kuchniach czy łazienkach, bo drewno to przecież nieprzemijające ciepło natury.



Front charakteryzuje się geometryczną wstawką w kształcie kielicha, wpasowaną w płytę wiórową okleinowaną naturalnym fornirem dębowym lub jesionowym. Ten nowoczesny model idealnie sprawdza się w dużych przestrzeniach, małe przestrzenie zaś, poprzez układ wstawki, idealnie powiększa. Zestawienie różnego koloru wstawki i płyty daje wiele możliwości kombinacji kolorystycznych w pomieszczeniu, pozwalających bawić się odcieniami.

Sofia Sofia


Z ciekawych nowości, którymi uzupełniono tegoroczną ofertę, wiedząc doskonale, że czasem niewielka zmiana czyni ogromną różnicę, Drewpol zaproponował cały wachlarz detali wykończeniowych. Wśród elementów uzupełniających znaleźć można: blendy, czoła, listwy ozdobne, pilastry, kolumny, stoły, stojaki na wino, półki – wszystko w identycznych, zgodnych z zamówieniem kolorach, bez obaw, że poszczególne elementy będą odbiegać wybarwieniem.

Oprócz powyższych nowości, w ofercie pojawił się nowy model Lutosławski, posiadający uniwersalny kształt, idealny do zastosowania we wnętrzach o charakterze klasycznym, jak i nowoczesnym. Doskonale sprawdza się w budowaniu mebli do salonu, biblioteki, biurek, regałów itp. Odświeżone zostało także kilka modeli z dotychczasowej oferty. Dla frontu Londyn pojawił się nowy typ z nowym, głębszym podchwytem. W Lizbonie dodano dodatkowo nowy materiał – olchę, natomiast dla Wieniawskiego dodatkowymi nowymi materiałami są poza olchą także dąb. Haendel został pokazany w nowej kolorystyce, we wnętrzach odmiennych od dotychczasowej przestrzeni kuchennej. Dla Aten, Sofii, Berlina, Lutosławskiego, Londynu, Lizbony, Wieniawskiego oraz Haendla pojawiły się nowe wybarwienia katalogowe, odpowiadające trendom na rynku.

Oferta Drewpolu została znacznie poszerzona, nie tylko o ilość modeli, ale także asortyment uzupełniający i została pokazana zupełnie w inny sposób na NATURALNIE INSPIRUJĄCYCH aranżacjach, różnych pod kątem funkcjonalności oraz stylistyki prezentowanych pomieszczeń.

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BIZNES - wrzesień 2014

Firma Drewpol, jeden z liderów na rynku, produkująca fronty od ponad 20 lat, rok 2014 rozpoczęła od wprowadzania do swojej oferty nowych kolekcji.

Nowe modele, wprowadzane pod hasłem NATURALNIE INSPIRUJĄCE, charakteryzują się wykorzystaniem obecnych trendów wzornictwa w pokazaniu nowej jakości drewna, połączeń drewna z innymi materiałami oraz nową paletą wybarwień w odcieniach natury. Inspiracje projektowe związane z kolekcją nowości pokazują zastosowanie produktów Drewpol w każdym pomieszczeniu wnętrza i do każdego mebla, a nawet dekoracji. Firma chciała przedstawić nie tylko swoje możliwości przy nowoczesnej formie frontów, ale także zaprezentować możliwość zastosowania klasycznych rozwiązań w nowatorskim wyposażaniu wnętrz. Przykładem prezentującym ciekawy sposób pokazania czystego drewna – jest – model „Ateny”, jeden z szerokiej oferty nowości. Wiedząc doskonale, że czasem niewielka zmiana czyni ogromną różnicę Drewpol wprowadził do oferty także cały wachlarz detali wykończeniowych. Wśród elementów uzupełniających znaleźć można: blendy, czoła, listwy ozdobne, pilastry, kolumny, stoły, stojaki na wino, półki – wszystko w identycznych, zgodnych z zamówieniem kolorach, bez obaw, że poszczególne elementy będą odbiegać wybarwieniem.

 „Ateny” to nowoczesny design połączenia litego, ryfl owanego dębu z płytą MDF, gdzie lity, drewniany uchwyt mocno dominuje nad całością frontu i nadaje mu naturalny charakter jakości i solidności. Fronty z rodziny „Ateny” będą dostępne z różnymi typami uchwytów, a także  płaską wstawka z ryfl owanego dębu, co będzie dawało wiele możliwości kombinacji zestawień w meblach lub zabudowach. 

Oprócz frontu MDF z uchwytem w rodzinie „Ateny” znalazły się fronty z ryfl owanych lameli dębowych w trzech grubościach. Ich zestawienie w rezultacie może przedstawiać powierzchnię płaską ryfl owanego dębu lub układ „cegiełkowy”. Typy te mogą występować jako fronty, blendy albo panele dekoracyjne na ścianach bądź innych powierzchniach. W ofercie będą zaprezentowane także meble wolno stojące, jak stoły z ryfl owanego dębu – jako komplet do tej kolekcji wzbogaconej dodatkowo o szeroką paletę kombinacji wybarwień.
„Ateny” to nowoczesność w połączeniu z naturą i praktyką wyposażania


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IRBJ Wykańczanie - czerwiec 2014

Drewniane Fronty Meblowe Naturalnie Inspirujące

Firma Drewpol, jeden z liderów na rynku, produkująca fronty od ponad 20 lat, rok 2014 rok rozpoczęła od wprowadzania do swojej oferty nowych kolekcji.

Firma przez lata swojej działalności stara się w pełni zaspokoić oczekiwania Klientów, nie tylko pod kątem designu a także najwyższej jakości produktów. Dlatego na każdym etapie produkcji prowadzona jest szczegółowa
kontrola, a proces produkcyjny przebiega zgodnie z wytycznymi Systemu Zarządzania Jakością ISO 9001:2009. W przypadku drewna do produkcji frontów stosowane są starannie selekcjonowane surowce naturalne. Dowodem na to jest
posiadany przez firmę Drewpol certyfikat FSC.

Nowe modele, wprowadzane pod hasłem NATURALNIE INSPIRUJĄCE, charakteryzują się wykorzystaniem obecnych trendów wzornictwa w pokazaniu nowej jakości drewna, połączeń drewna z innymi materiałami oraz nową paletą wybarwień
w odcieniach natury. Inspiracje projektowe związane z kolekcją nowości pokazują zastosowanie produktów Drewpol w każdym pomieszczeniu wnętrza i do każdego mebla, a nawet dekoracji.
Firma przedstawiła nie tylko swoje możliwości przy nowoczesnej formie frontów, ale także zaprezentowała możliwość zastosowania klasycznych rozwiązań w nowatorskim wyposażaniu wnętrz. Przykładem, pokazującym te dwa kierunki z szerokiej oferty nowości, są właśnie nowe modele: Ateny, Sofia, Oslo, Berlin, Lutosławski, Londyn.

Z ciekawych nowości, którymi uzupełniono tegoroczną ofertę. wiedząc doskonale, że czasem niewielka zmiana czyni ogromną różnicę, Drewpol zaproponował w ofercie cały wachlarz detali wykończeniowych. Wśród elementów uzupełniających

znaleźć można: blendy, czoła, listwy ozdobne, pilastry, kolumny, stoły, stojaki na wino, półki – wszystko w identycznych, zgodnych z zamówieniem kolorach, bez obaw, że poszczególne elementy będą odbiegać wybarwieniem.

W ofercie są zaprezentowane także meble wolnostojące jak stoły z ryflowanego dębu – jako komplet do kolekcji wzbogaconej dodatkowo o szeroką paletę kombinacji wybarwień. Oferta kilkudziesięciu modeli DREWPOLU została znacznie poszerzona nie tylko o ich ilość ale także asortyment uzupełniający i została pokazana zupełnie w inny sposób na NATURALNIE INSPIRUJĄCYCH aranżacjach, różnych pod kątem funkcjonalności oraz stylów, pomieszczeń.

DREWPOL kieruje swoje propozycje do miłośników klasycznych kształtów oraz nowoczesnego design, dla wszystkich ceniących szlachetność i piękna drewna oraz doceniających jego możliwości łączenia z innymi materiałami.



Produkcja Mebli (Production of Furnitures) – April, 2014

Natural inspirations

Drewpol , one of the leaders in producing fronts for over 20 years ,  began the year 2014 with the introduction to its offer the new collections including Ateny and Berlin .

    The company wanted to show not only its capabilities for the modern form of fronts, but also  to present the possibilities of classical solutions in an innovative interior furnishing . The examples showing the two directions in a wide offer of new products  are  the two models: Ateny and Berlin. 

     „Ateny”is a modern design connecting solid, grooved oak with MDF , where the wooden handle firmly dominates the whole front and gives it the natural character of quality and reliability . The fronts of the " Ateny "  family will be available with different types of handles, as well as a flat , grooved oak  insert, which will give a lot of possible combinations  of furniture sets or built-ins. In addition to the MDF front with a handle , in the  " Ateny " family there are grooved oak fronts  in three thicknesses. As a result, their combinations may present a flat grooved oak surface  or a brick-like arrangement . These types may appear as the fronts , blends or decorative panels on walls or other surfaces. The offer will be broadened with  a free-standing furniture such as tables made of grooved oak - as a set for this collection additionally enriched by a wide range of combinations of colours.

     „Ateny” is modernity in a combination with  nature and practice of interior design.

     Another model is made of solid oak and is called „Berlin”. This, what may seem as  classic front of  a panel -frame  construction  made of the traditional raw material was presented in loft , spatial interior. The right mix of materials and dyeing allowed to show a brand new version of existing classics, congruent to the current trends in interior design.

     Out of the interesting new products , which have supplemented our offer this year ( bearing in mind that  sometimes a small change makes a huge difference ) , there is a whole range of finishing details. Among the accessories one can find : blendes , high fronts , mouldings ,skirtings, pilasters and  columns - all in colours matching  the order.

     Drewpol’s offer has been considerably broadened not only by the number of models, but also accessories and has been shown in a completely different way - naturally inspired " arrangements of  the rooms different in terms of functionality and style

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Dziennik Nowogardzki (Nowograd Journal) – April, 2014

From the Our entrepreneurs series : Drewpol, Osina

Wood is a demanding material

So far, in the "Our entrepreneurs" series we presented business owners from the Nowogard community. Starting with this number of DN, we will introduce you to the representatives of the business community from Osina. We will start with the largest employer in the area – the Drewpol factory - the undisputed leader among manufacturers of furniture fronts in the country, which employs about two hundred people.

Drewpol is a company with over twenty years of tradition. To know its history, we must go back to the late 80s of the past century. The company was founded in 1989 by Henryk Szmyciński and Mieczysław Gajdel , the current Vice President of the Management Board. In 1995 Drewpol gained another partner, Grzegorz Sobolewski, and in 2009 the current company president - Andrzej Niewiński joined the company. Drewpol provides employment for over 180 people. Approximately 25 % of the employees are connected to the administrative sphere.  -We employ mostly people from the area, when it comes to production workers. As for the staff, we have people from Resko, Płoty, Goleniów, Szczecin - explains Mieczysław Gajdel - We focus more on young people. The average age is less than 36-38.

From door to cupboard door...

The company's founder, Mieczyslaw Gajdel, comes from a family with strong entrepreneurial traditions. - My father owned a carpenter's workshop. His brother in turn - the forge. I myself educated in the technical construction and started from construction services - says the Vice President - In 1982, I left the army and opened a carpentry and concrete plant facility as the youngest artisan in the Goleniów district. I started making roofs. It went pretty well, but in times of crisis that occurred in the late 80s, I began to wonder what would have the greatest chance in the market. I came to the conclusion that the houses will not sell, so building materials is not the best idea. Then I came up with the idea for the production of doors. And so, in 1989, Mieczysaw Gajdel , along with his partners - his brother and Henryk Szmyciński - took up the woodwork. These were the beginnings of Drewpol. Then the company called Drewpol HMH (Henryk, Mieczysław, Henryk ) . Its headquarters was located in Kliniska - After some time, my brother decided, however, to take up the construction industry. After almost a year of operation on the market we decided to go in the direction of a particular specialization – continues Mieczysław Gajdel. In this way Drewpol began producing furniture fronts. - We had to figure out what to do with the short material (doors require a long material). We came up with the idea that we would produce cupboard door. We loved the idea and so it remained - explains the company’s founder.

It was to be Nowogard...

In 1996, the paint shop in the company burned down. The embers of the company came to the conclusion that it is time to change the location of the headquarters. - Our facilities were simply too spacious to fit that area - explains the Vice President - Back in the mid-90s , we felt that our company is a little too big for the conditions in that area . Therefore we started to look for the new location. Originally, we thought about Nowogard. I can even say that we fell in love with that town. It took us more than a year to buy objects (the buildings at the end of Nadtorowa Street). For some reason the town did not want to sell them to us. Someone else, apparently more requested for the economy and the community of Nowogard, bought them. In the search for another location, the entrepreneurs focused on the objects on the territory of the former state farm in Osina. There were barns there at that time. - Where today we have a paint shop, a private entrepreneur used to lease  a ​​700 m²  hall, which is currently the magazine - says Mieczysław Gajdel - During the week we signed the lease  contract and started our business there. Some time later we made an offer and bought the objects. Believe me, that it was a picture of misery and despair then. However, the objects, were adequate to our needs and affordable for us.

The new president, a new perspective...

As Drewpol’s owners admit, in the first decade of the twenty-first century, the company made ​​a lot of mistakes, whose consequence was the crisis of the company. - The fact that we survived the crisis of 2010 and 2011, is only because of the current chairman - his economic skills and knowledge Mr. Gajdel confesses. The current CEO of the company, Andrzej Niewiński, joined the company nearly five years ago, as the economic director. - In 2009, we proposed Andrzej a promotion. In April of that year, the Management Board elected him the President. He has adequate preparation, education and feels much better than me in this matter - says modestly Mieczysław Gajdel - I feel bad at the desk. I'm more of the type of a "task-doer". I prefer things typically connected with production, mechanical workshop, etc. In the face of the crisis, the company had to lay emphasis on the new products. On average, every quarter, we are trying to release some new product. - The offer had to be modernized. The truth is that anyone who doesn’t develop, immediately rolls down into the abyss - admits Andrew Niewiński – I have recently returned from the fair in Milan and I have to say that the Italians are visionaries. What they propose is likely to come true. They are the source of inspiration for the Polish market. These trends are slowly being created already. Apart from his wide economic knowledge, Andrzej Niewiński, has also extensive experience in managing large enterprises. He used to be the member of the Board of the Police Chemical Plant.

Every country has its customs...

The owners of the company emphasize that wood is a demanding material. The company's production is based on five basic raw materials - alder, oak, ash, birch and beech. Adler is the most popular. About 50 % of what is produced in Drewpol, is exported abroad. - Every society has a slightly different sense of beauty. It turns out that what is sold in Russia, will not necessarily be popular in Poland, and vice versa - explains Andrzej Niewiński - For us entering another market really means building another product line, additional models that need to be dedicated. In this area, the company has two offers, containing standard products offered to all customers, and dedicated products, dictated to customers’ preferences, and these tend to be different. According to the president, the designs of the 60s are slowly becoming fashionable again - Today, we are faced with a situation in which a client decides and imposes certain conditions, but unfortunately we, as a manufacturer, have some limitations - explains the president of Drewpol - We are not a company with a business model similar to the one of a supermarket. With the number of models, materials and dyeing we are unable to predict what kind of order we will get - so we can not take a chance and produce something to be put into the warehouse. This clients must specifically tell us how many pieces they need, what models etc. Only then the production will run.

Made in Drewpol…

Nowadays, the factory owners have to pay particular attention to the requirements of environmental protection. On the one hand, it is fully justified, on the other hand - the costs of supporting ecology are often horrendous. - We invest large amounts of money into the development of the company - says Andrzej Niewiński - we have made investments into a very advanced Swedish technology. We mean the installation of the VOCs disposal (volatile organic compounds, produced in the industrial processes). The efficacy of the whole process is 99%. The investment in the environmental protection is crucial for the owners of Drewpol, but not only. - It has always been our intention to gradually develop the company - says Mieczysław Gajdel – The company is planning the modernization of the paint shop, and the purchase of the equipment for grinding and other wood treatments. We still have to fight with the level of costs. The better the machine, the better the processing, and the better the process - the performance and accuracy will be at a higher level. This reduces the cost of course. It is true that on average, every 6-7 years you have to invest in more and more advanced technology. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the structures of many devices, brought to Drewpol, are invented by the vice-president of the company. - Becauseof the fact that we have undertaken the production of furniture fronts as the first company in the country, the technology was not available on the market before- explains Mr. Gajdel - Therefore, I can safely say that our technology on the European market can not be copied.

The conflict in the east...

So great an undertaking can not complain about the lack of interest in its products. The company carries out from 500 to 800 orders per month. It supplies furniture factories, kitchen studios, craftsmen ... Sometimes there are also individual customers. Out of half the products that get exported overseas, 90% is exported to the eastern territories. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine and other countries is certainly not conducive to the economic situation on the market. - Every year we process approximately 1.5 thousand m³ of friezes. We are planning to come to 2 thousand m³ per year, or 170 m³ per month, but now it all depends on how the situation will draw in Eastern Europe. Due to that, all of our products became more expensive from week to week by 20 % - confesses Mieczysław Gajdel. Currently, the company's turnover is approximately 30 million per year (and rising).

Wood will never go out of circulation...​

Despite the quite restrictive conditions on the local market, the owners of Drewpol emphasize that their industry is profitable. – The theory of economy says that there is a certain barrier of entering business and quitting it - explains Andrzej Niewiński - To achieve success in certain industries, you have to invest, not only in construction but also in the product, creativity, development, people... This investment is burdened with risk. If we were now to change business and start eg producing door, a barrier of quitting the business would appear, which could mean huge losses. Next year, the company will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Mieczyslaw Gajdel, Andrzej Niewiński and Grzegorz Sobolewski have run the company till today. The fourth partner and the founder of the company, Henryk Szmyciński, has decided to submit his shares to his daughters this year.

MS, Karolina Klonowska

Furniture - Components and Technologies – October, 2013

Łagodna linia kuchni.

Drewpol expanded its offer with four classic collections of bent parts. Chopin XB, Rossini XBJF, Bizet XAWF and Czajkowski XLF were supplemented with convex and concave, type "S" and " 2 S" fronts and profiled finishing elements .

TEKST: Irena Muszałowska

fot.: Drewpol

The more pieces, the more interesting patterns can be created. Taking this assumption into account, Drewpol introduced four classic collections of bent forms. These collections are: Chopin XB, Rossini  XBJF, Bizet  XAWF and Czajkowski XLF

Subtle bending

The collection of bent elements is a set of curved fronts and faces of the drawers, which, thanks to subtle bending take a variety of shapes. The curved elements are designed in such a way that it is possible to lead a smooth line of furniture. They are the ideal solution for the end of the kitchen cabinets, but thanks to profile "S" fronts, they can appear not only as the ending of the kitchen building. The curved fronts in different radii may designate a smooth, oval-shaped kitchen, with almost no straight lines. They will also apply for every room, giving them a stylish, elegant look and allow to do projects referring to the furniture from past eras, where desks, dressers, bookcases with delicately curved and decorated doors dominated. We also introduced accessories to the line of the profile elements - terminal crowning, under cabinet (the company offers nine families of bent crowning and under cabinet strips corresponding to the models of simple strips), skirting boards and galleries.

With braids and flowers

Chopin XB are classic furniture fronts with decorative ornament in the form of a braid. They have a typical miter structure- the frame made ​​of solid alder, while the panel of a profiled MDF veneered with cherry veneer. The Chopin fronts have edges with a cutter and expressive wood grain structure on the panel. The Czajkowski XLF front, which is also decorated with a decorative ornament in the form of a braid, is of a similar form. It is also a classic miter design, where the frame can be made ​​of solid ash, alder or oak and the veneered MDF panel veneered with ash, oak or cherry. The Czajkowski XLF fronts have cuts on the joining of framework, gently rounded edges and meandrical wood structure, underlined with bright colouring. A flowery ornament is in turn a decorative element of Rossini XBJF fronts. The framework of miter construction is made from solid alder, and the profiled MDF panel veneered with a cherry veneer.  The Rossini fronts have cuts on the joining of framework, gently rounded edges and distinctive wood grain structure on the panel.  The same curved profiles and moldings, under cabinet crowning with an identical floral ornament can be matched to the Rossini bent fronts: a bent crowning AJ type strip and under cabinet AI type bent strip. Also a simple AI type crowning strip and simple AK type under cabinet strip. The Bizet XAWF fronts is another classic designs of a miter structure with a decorative Greek ornament. The framework made ​​of solid alder, and a profiled MDF panel veneered with a cherry veneer. The Bizet fronts have cuts on the joining of framework, small, delicate cutters on the edges and expressive wood grain structure on the panel. The same curved crowning and under cabinet strips with identical Greek ornament in all the bends , corresponding to the bent fronts can be matched to the Rossini bent fronts: bent U type crowning strip and X type under cabinet strip, moreover, simple T type crowning strip and W type under cabinet simple strip.



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Meblarstwo - sierpień 2013 ( - July 2013

To support young designers Drewpol, as a partner, took part in the " Homplex Interiors " contest, organized by Homplex -  the owner of a web site with interactive tips for interior design - and a Warsaw developer Atlas Estates - offering  apartments in Warsaw and Gdansk. It was an initiative activating creative designers from all over Europe and involving them with furnishing brands .

The aim of the contest was to make photorealistic visualizations of the rooms on the basis of interior design elements prepared by the partners of the competition, including “Drewpol”. While creating the projects the contestants had to bear in mind the plans of the apartments handed in by the organizers and the expectations of their inhabitants.

The author of the best project  was founded a certified Revit Architecture operating training- a tool to make the work of architects easier , not only at the concept stage and designing stage , but also during the implementation of the project. All the projects that meeting the criteria of the competition will be presented to  users both during the voting stage in May , as well as, in order to promote the authors, over the next 12 months after the end of the competition. Atlas Estates has also downloaded the selected projects on the its web pages, presenting the investment and arrangement potential of the offered apartments. .

During the competition the designers mainly used the elements from the category of modern fronts of Drewpol’s offer . The kitchens of all the projects were open to the living room and well harmonized with the whole surrounding, what proves the possibility of the universaluse of these fronts , not only in kitchen furniture , but  also in every room , from the dining room , the living room ,  the hall, to the bathroom .

Congratulations to all the winners of the competition .

Download : ;Drewpol supports young designers - Type : PDF

Arranging Home and Apartment - 2012/2013

PUCCINI XSF - furniture front with decorative elements (the ornament in the form of a braid, milling in the joining of the stiles). The whole emphasized with patina harmonizing with the color of the front.  The material: alder wood with a warm vanilla- cream colour. By combining   Puccini fronts with accessories like columns, capitals, pilasters one can arrange a unique kitchen area. 




DWORZAK FM – a classic furniture front in a rustic style, making the interior cosy. Double studs placed in the frames emphasize its country-like character. The vertical cutters marked in the panel refer to the traditional designs of furniture with distinct divisions between the planks. Discrete patina emphasizes the cuts and studs. The material: beech wood with a warm colouring.





BUDAPESZT FZ - a modern front with a simple design (without the bottom frame), made of dark, durable oak. Its functionality is increased by a grip that is made with a specifically profiled panel with the upper frame.​




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Furniture, Materials and Accessories – January, 2013

CZAJKOWSKI XLF Furniture fronts

Bent fronts in three shapes: convex, concave, and type " S " were introduced as a range of products expanding the program classic collections of Drewpol’s  fronts.

The collection of bent parts is a set of curved fronts and drawer fronts, which, thanks to subtle bending take a variety of shapes .The bent parts have been designed in such a way to make it possible to smoothly lead the furniture line. They are the perfect solution to finish off the kitchen cabinets, but with the type "S "  fronts  they can occur anywhere in the cabinet system.

The different radii bent fronts may define the smooth, oval-shaped kitchen, with almost no straight lines. The bent fronts can be also used in every room, giving them a stylish, sleek design, allowing to make projects referring to the furniture from past eras, where  desks , dressers, bookcases with delicately curved and decorated doors were dominant.

In addition we also added accessories like under cabinet and plinth crowning boards and balustrades in the profiles of bent fronts. 


When designing a kitchen there is often a small space where you cannot install a full-sized cabinet. in such a case a pull-out storage cabinet can be used, to which elements whose structure differs from that of fronts are attached (mostly those are flat elements , often milled , imitating the shape of the door ) .

Our company has proposed an interesting and unusual solution for a very high cabinet with a pull-out storage - a milled core with a built-in wooden handle, the front is crowned with an element of the floral decor, and at the bottom there is the base. The cabinet with a pull-out storage gains the additional feature. It is another decorative element in the kitchen, as well as it enriches, and diversifies a built-in fridge, which is no longer a boring monolith.


We have an interesting offer when it comes to columns too. In the architecture of the ancient times the column was a solid support and in the kitchen it performs yet another function.  Thanks to the crowning of a floral motif, which refers to the décor used in pull-out storage cabinet, it decorates and embellishes the kitchen. The vertical carvings in the core of the column, highlighted with patina give it lightness and also interact with the core of the cabinet. The base of the column, solid, standing directly on the floor seems to support the table top and provides a solid base for a light core and finely decorated capitel ( - March 2013

Drewpol’s fronts: the inspiring beauty

Fronty Drewpol: inspirujące pięknoAt the beginning of 2013, the Drewpol received two awards for the collection of "Tchaikovsky XLF" curved fronts.

The first was granted by the chapter of architects, interior designers, furniture stores representatives, accessories and furniture wholesalers, representatives o universities and institutions associated with the furniture industry in the " Furniture Plus - Product of 2013" competition . The other was granted for the "Golden Villas 2013 " contest, organized by the editors of the " Villa "magazine, where the design, quality , originality and innovation of the product , but also the price and relevance to the needs of the Polish market were taken into account. We are proud of the honours and awards received. We are glad that we created the product that is appreciated by both professionals in the furniture business as well as our customers, thanks to whom beautiful , original furniture designs are created. Our three other collections of "Rossini", "Chopin" and "Bizet" were enriched with our curved fronts in additional radii and original shapes. The bent fronts of four classic collections of "Bizet", "Tchaikovsky", "Rossini" and "Chopin" take sophisticated, subtle shapes, what allows you to design and build kitchen, where the furniture line runs smoothly, meandering, with almost no straight sections. Our fronts are also the inspiration for the designers of classic, timeless and everlasting living room furniture, dominated by desks, bookcases and chests of drawers . Such a broad application of our products allows you to arrange the kitchen and the living room in one consistent style. And the living room and kitchen furniture may be used and make homes and apartments beautiful for many years.

Download: Download the document type:PDF

Urządzamy Kuchnie - maj 2013

Lakiernictwo (Expressive and Noble) – July-August 2012

A company setting high standards of performance, paying attention to the development of design and technology , respecting the environment - this in short can be the description of Drewpol , the company producing furniture fronts made of solid wood.

Drewpol Osina has existed in the business for 22 years. Today it is a company employing a few hundred workers in which the development process takes place continuously and covers many areas of business , including technology , machinery , manufacturing process and the product. - Our priority is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality , which is why we monitor every stage of production , and the production process takes place in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2009 quality management system - says Agnieszka Markiewicz from Drewpol . – We also pay attention to the environment protection ,what is proved by the FSC certified , which is associated with the permanent control of the quantity of the raw materials purchased to meet the FSC standards and the supervision of the sale of the certified product.

The company's offer is addressed to clients who appreciate traditional , stylish design, hence the domination of the classic fronts in our offer. However, the customers preferring simple forms , looking for products in accordance with the latest design trends of minimalism and simplicity can also find something for themselves in the offer of Drewpol . For them, a collection of modern fronts , made of wood and showing the beauty of this natural material was created.

In Drewpol we continuously work on new projects and new designs. The company is open to stimuli from the market and trying to make our service to best suit customers’ needs and wishes.

And how do we make the surface of wood more noble in our company ? To illustrate the complexity of the processes it should be noted that the production of doors use solid wood of many species of trees : acacia , birch , beech , cherry, oak , alder , are also use veneer and face veneer in these species , and we recently introduced wood specie are ash and pine . Before painting the surface of the wood is prepared in many different ways . Vascular ring species , such as oak and ash , in addition to the traditional way of grinding before staining , are also brushed in various ways to clean the pores of the wood before finishing the surface with enamels and patina in dekape effect or a more aggressive drawing deepening before finishing the surface with the pastes emphasizing the natural graining . In several models of fronts pine wood is subjected to aggressive treatment which consists of getting rid of the surface of the early grain , what in combination with a suitable varnish finishing , results in creating a trendy, modern design. - Such interesting effects of finishing the surface of the wood get wood are possible in cooperation with technology and tools for surface treatment of wood suppliers, which are mainlythe f PolishStyle and 3M – says Leszek Baryluk, the technologist at Drewpol.- Depending on the effect we want to achieve , and what type of wood we work with, different materials are used to structure it . Therefore, the PolishStyle, especially for our company, has developed some grinding materials such as a set of special heads with steel wire and Tynex – precisely chosen to create a specific effect of the surface structure . The machines that allow for the implementation of the process of structuring to bent fronts were also built due to the partnership.

Grinding works are carried out mainly by hand at several positions . A large number of parts, their diversity, the variety of wood species , it all requires an individual approach and the use of carefully selected materials. Whenever it is possible we use brushing technology to prepare the surface of the wood. The PolishStyle, as a supplier of this technology , basing on the years of experience , has chosen the parameters of abrasive brushes and set machine settings, so that we can get perfect quality, uniformity and reproducibility of grinding.

The traditional technology of wood staining using ordinary solvent stains applied with spray also changes. - In cooperation with AkzoNobel and Valresa we successfully implement and work on perfecting the stain application techniques using a rubbing method - adds L. Baryluk .- These materials , with a longer drying and deeper penetration into the surface of the wood, strongly emphasise the structure of the wood and all its aesthetic qualities . The wood species with a barely visible wood structure when painted in a traditional way , become distinctive and noble after rubbing them with stains, additional painting techniques in that technology bring a very interesting play of colours in the final product

Flat fronts are stained and painted mostly automatically, and the bent fronts by hand only. The variety of the offer requires the use of many colours of stain and patina . The company has two business lines of Cefla : one is used for painting , one for staining. However, for the application we use the equipment of several manufacturers , eg. Wagner , Kremlin . The paint drying furnace is also produced by Celfa . It consists of four chambers , each with 22 shelves . The details , after the application of the subsequent coating layers , pass through each chamber in which a gradual drying takes place. After drying the elements leave the furnace having the temperature similar to that in the air , so they can be packed right away.

- We mainly use the Italian polyurethane varnish , but paying attention to environment protection and the requirements of EU directives, we carefully observe the market of paints and water solvent varnish and conduct tests with their usage - says L. Baryluk . - In our opinion, the currently available on the market aquatic products do not give the same quality results as that offered by polyurethanes. Taking into account huge and rapid progress in this field , this situation will certainly change over time . None the less, being aware of the need for environmental protection the management of the company took steps to purchase the VOC emission reduction plant

With its products Drewpol has proved that it can bring out what is best ii the wood- a unique structure , natural beauty, durability and harmony

Download: Painting  - type: PDF

Dobrze Mieszkaj (Well Dwell) - June–July 2012

A rustic kitchen

Rustic style refers to the rural traditions . Kitchen fronts are often heavily antiqued using all available techniques , including knots and cracks . Solid raw wood is often used , what gives a natural look. There may also be any ornaments, sculptures and balusters . They use a rather small divisions of drawers , nooks and crannies , and the doors are opened with the use of a stylized knobs . The furniture is antiqued by numerous cracks , underpainting , wiping the paint and stains . The nature of the rustic kitchen is heavy, solid wood, such as oak or beech, is often used to its production.

Heavy furniture will blend perfectly with stone or stone imitation tiles or mosaic . We use warm colours - from beige to brown . The appliances should also match the style of the kitchen, which will highlight the traditional character - the extracting hood, gas cooker, the so-called "living fire", a stylish oven like a traditional furnace or a ceramic sink with finely twisted tap. You can also introduce the trinkets, giving the interior a warm climate.

But remember that a rustic kitchen is severe in its nature due to the numerous carving , thus it will be presented better in large spaces. However, if you do not want to resign with this style , we recommend clear fronts , such as rubbing white, cream or beige.

A Provencal kitchen

The Provencal style kitchen should be spacious, bright, warm ,and friendly, like grandma's house , decorated with lots of accessories. The furniture can be white or ecru , combined with natural wood, abrasions on the surface of the fronts and the patina on the edges of furniture.

There are also different types of chamfering , panels and decorative mouldings and the handles in the form of stylized patina or ceramic knobs . The accessories are in bright shades of green, blue, pink, while the walls in shades of light yellow, shades of white and ochre and other pastel colours. These colours create a unique atmosphere and, most importantly, make a cosy kitchen.

A particularly important role is played by flowers - they should appear in the ornamenting theme and decorate the vases and ceramic pots or wicker baskets. All fabrics are decorated with motifs such as embroidered olives and lavender. The floor of this style is usually patterned: grey- blue-green mosaic pattern similar to the chess board or large floor tiles in bright colours combined with small square tiles in black. In the heart of the kitchen there is a large dining table, where the meetings or family gatherings with friends are held. The island in the centre, where meals are prepared, is also one of the characteristic features of that style

Pobierz : Live well June_July 2012 type: PDF
Pobierz : Live well June_July 2012_a type: PDF

Meblarstwo (Furniture) - June 2012

Drewpol for years has been faithful to one, the most noble raw material - the wood and knows the way of showing what is best in it - a unique structure , natural beauty, durability and harmony. For many years, the company's offer fronts with a classic design were dominant , and still they are the core of production, but there also modern fronts appeared in the offer. The line is gradually widened, and its special representatives are the fronts for simple forms addressed to the lovers of kitchens arranged in a modern and minimalistic trend.

For the lovers of minimalism

The "Warsaw" front is worth noticing in this category. To its production we used to a specially prepared material pine. The raw material has undergone the process of structuring, resulting in grooves and curves formed on the surface and was then stained in snow white . The line has also got a modern front in bright colours called " London". Its specially shaped panel forms a handle with the upper sile, thus creating a complete, fully functional product. A simple design, the durable hardwood material, a built-in handle are the main advantages of this model. Another representative of the modern collection is the "Brussels" front. This model looks best in spacious kitchens since its wide cupboards and drawers, made of flat panel with horizontal arrangement of veneers and a wide frame are well exposed then . For lovers of classical solutions Drewpol has an interesting offer too. One example is the " Bellini" front- a front in traditional construction with a solid frame , made of dark colour clearly underlining the grain. It can be used for every room, which is why it is often chosen by the lovers of a coherent arrangement of the kitchen and the living room. The splendour , wealth, elegance - these terms can be used to describe the " Puccini" kitchen fronts, which contain a range of decorative items, such as an ornament in the form of braid or chamfer at the joint rails, all highlighted with patina that harmonizes with the colour of the front. Adding decorative accessories such as columns, capitels and pilasters to the "Puccini" kitchen furniture fronts, you can create a beautiful, unique space.

Ornaments of as important as the fronts

The undisputed advantage Drewpol’s offer is its abundance in decorative elements that complement the collection of fronts. In addition to the pilasters , columns , balustrades or skirting boards , the offer also includes extracting hoods together with wooden bands . The bands are made to resemble trims and have the same profiles and decorative ornaments . And most importantly, the colours of stains are the same as the fronts ’ordered by the customer . That is why, together with the extracting hood they create a complete product , which composes with the kitchen and harmonizes with the fronts.

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Meble, Akcesoria i Materiały (Furniture, Accessories and Materials) – May 2011

Among the manufacturers of wooden fronts one of the leaders on the Polish market is Drewpol located in Osina near Goleniów . The products presented annually at the international furniture fair conquer with the foreign markets too. For over 20 years Drewpol has become a manufacturer who sets high standards of performance, taking care of the development of design and technology.

Last year, the company besides its traditional collection offered its customers a collection of modern fronts , presenting their achievements and mastery in the field of wood processing methods which were unusual and unprecedented in the Polish market of kitchen fronts . Looking through the offer , you should pay attention to the structure of fronts. You can find models of plate and rail construction and rails ( with a panel ) - rails of the spigot or mitre construction , combined with a flat panel , flat with vertical cutter or a profiled panel . The biggest advantage of the manufacturer is that he customer can order unique bent fronts . Due to the sensitivity of the material – wood- the process of producing such fronts is extremely difficult . Drewpol guarantees the repetition of shape, size and perfection of realization . You can also order curved fronts of any height , with any filling – panel or glass.

Among the interesting news, which supplemented this year's offer , are the fronts with glass in an aluminium frame with a selected graphic motif that make an interesting addition to the modern kitchen. This is a very practical solution , since the motif can be divided into any number of modules - the fronts of various widths.

Of course, traditional kitchen lovers will find the whole range of stained glass and decorative glass for straight and bent fronts. Knowing well that sometimes a small change makes a huge difference, Drewpol also included in the offer a range of finishing details . Among those elements you can find: blendes, corpus boards, trim, mouldings, skirtings, camouflage, under cabinet panels, corner pilaster, drawers, corpus frames, balustrades - including bent - all in colours identical to the ones in the order, without the fear that individual elements will differ in staining. You can also match the finishing of extracting the hood. An interesting decoration for the lovers of the classic kitchen may be, a available in the offer column you with a base and specially selected capitels and scroll.

In a recent Drewpol’s product catalogue, entitled "Inspiration 2011 - Kitchens with character", you will find more than 30 designs in interesting arrangements

The classic fronts are dedicated to the great composers of classical music. Among them, focusing the attention with its elegance and dynamism, the Haendel (type XAJF ) front - made in the stiles of solid alder wood with a veneered panel , available in five warm colours. The smooth finish complements the of the diagonal lines stile and profiled panels

A similar, contoured panels , this time in a dark stain , we can find in the Ravel (type FG) fronts collection. A panel with a plastic , expressive structure of cherry wood grain fits the simple frame. The edges covered with patina emphasize the great proportions.

The bright colours , very popular recently, will be found in the kitchen composed of the Stravinsky (type EP) fronts. A wide range of components, accessories and finishing is available to match these fronts , so it is possible to create a unique atmosphere to any kitchen . The leading enamel is presented in an impressive arrangements in the company's product catalogue.

One of the most traditional version of the front is a beautiful beech Dvorak ( type FM )kitchen . Its dark , warm colour emphasized with double studs placed in the stile , can create a cosy , rustic kitchen. The vertical milling marked in the panel refer to the traditional designs of furniture , in which the clear divisions between the planks were clearly visible . Discrete patina confirms the strong nature of the proposal.

In the collection of modern fronts , inspired by the European cities, the oak Budapest (type FZ ) front is worth paying attention to. It stain of saturated cherry- chestnut shade emphasizes the original vertical- horizontal grain system.

The horizontal oak grain is closed with the vertical line of the proportional frame. The lighter colour beautifully emphasizes the graining. The issue of handle is solved in an interesting way here. It is integrated with the upper part of the front.

An interesting novelty in colouring is, already mentioned, the use of paste or patina rubbed into the stain or glaze . Used for traditional fronts, the technique works well in a modern design eg. the Barcelona (type FT )front . It is available in three colours and two types of wood - with variable grain structure , additionally emphasized with a special paste . Choosing oak, the domination of horizontal and vertical lines was obtained , while deciding to use the ash in the main part of the front – the panel - resulted in an unusual pattern of meandering ash grain.

The original, urban design can be found in the Helsinki (type FTG ) front. This structured pine front, not the only one in Drewpol’s offer, in three colours , is one of the most interesting proposals of the manufacturer. It would seem that a well-known, almost boring pine, in this shape shows its decorative value once again. The beautiful, deeply carved wood texture is enhanced by patina.

These are only some examples from a wide range of fronts , from which you can build a unique, very individual kitchen. You can state for sure that they are fronts for years. The warranty of the quality is great, both modern and "green" technology, as well as certificates obtained by the company. It is worth noting that with all the technology on most of the stages of the production of the front - the people and their passion, experience and skill in working with wood, the internationally appreciated "hand- made" is the most important.

The manufacturer emphasizes the possibility of a very individual project realisation sand guarantees the repetition of each pattern and colour at any time in the a need to expand or rebuild an existing kitchen or interior. Drewpol’s kitchen is a kitchen with character. It's passion enchanted in wood.

Download: Furniture , accessories, and materials, May -2011 - type: PDF