Requiored documents

DREWPOL Ltd. Establishes cooperation with clients engaged in economic activities.

Customers interested in the purchase of our products, who are non-economic operatorswill be sent to the warehouse and kitchen studios cooperating with our company.

Please submit the following with the first order:

  • a certificate of registration in the register of business and the entry into the National Court Register
  • REGON certificate,
  • NIP or tax ID decision.

The customer is obliged to submit any changes in the data of the company on the current basis.


Drewpol’s offer

Compliance of the orders with the offer is verified by the Sales Department of Drewpol on the basis of an up-to-date product cataloueg. Any ambiguity or doubt in the order are explained and revised by a proper salesman or an employee of the Customer Service Office after consulting it with the customer.


Standard offer:

  • A tsandard order from DREWPOL’s product catalogue according to arrangements with the Sales Department.
  • Complaints: 14 days (from the date of the adjudgment of the complaint) or by individual arrangements.


Non-standard offer:

You have to sign a cooperation agreement

  • The first order is carried out within the time individually agreed with the Sales Department of DREWPOL.,
  • Next, according to the schedule in the contract.



According to the up-to-date price-list of DREWPOL. The Sales Department can grant a discount after individual arrangements with the Customer

Payment Terms for Individual Customers

  1. Prepayment of 1,000 PLN(for orders with a value of up to 3000 PLN gross) or 30% of the order (for orders above 3000 PLN gross) prior to the order

The rest of the charge:

  • cash on delivery,
  • transfer before delivery
  • “delivery” paid to the delivery man

Bank account: of Drewpol Ltd. 27a Osina
RAIFFEISEN BANK POLSKA S.A. o/SZCZECIN  92 1750 1077 0000 0000 1214 0061

  1. A Deferred payment from7 to 21 days applies only to regular customers (the term is defined by the Sales Department of DREWPOL).
  2. In case of failure to meet the payment deadline, deferred payment will be suspended


How to order

Orders should be sent by fax to the Sales Department of DREWPOL – fax. 091/5790107 (we suggest to use DREWPOL’s forms) or via e-mail to the competent trader. After the verification process, the order is entered into a computer system, where it is given the number and date of completion. DREWPOL sends the order confirmation to verify the correctness of its entry into the system, and the information about the production number and the date of completion of the order.

Each client is obliged to validate the previously sent confirmation of the order. Any disagreements should be immediately reported to DREWPOL.


Deadline for completing the orders

The deadline for the completion of the order is counted from the date of approval of the correctness of the order content r by the trader.


Changes to the orders

The changes in the production orders can take place within a period of 5 days from the date of acceptance to realization. Changes can only apply to the cancelation of the items, changes in the size or the number of pieces.

After that period, the order can be cancelled or modified only in the case when the essential elements of the product have not been made, or may be used in the production process.

if there is no possibility to use the elements in the production process, the customer will be charged with the cost of the product.

Any changes must be admitted in writing.


Packaging of the fronts

The fronts are stacked on the 800×1200 pallets

  1. painted fronts
    • are put in two pieces sets left sides to each other , between the right sides there are sponge strips protecting the paint against scratches,
    • In order to prevent moving around the pallet is wrapped in “stretch” foil
  2. not painted fronts
    • In order to prevent moving around the whole pallet is wrapped in “stretch” foil.


Terms of collection and transport

The cost of the delivery is covered by the customer who also collects the product using their means of transport. DREWPOL can send the goods by the delivery service company . To do so, ask the Sales Department of DREWPOL for details.

Due to the transfer of responsibility for the product during the transport to the delivery service company delivery, the customer is obliged to check the quantity and quality of the product in the presence of an employee of the delivery service company.



Any complaints are dealt with individually.

  1. The buyer is obliged to check the product within 10 from the collection.
  2. In the case of finding any visible defects of the delivered product you should immediately inform DREWPOL in writing stating the number and type of defects, the type of product, and the number of the document of purchase document. Use DREWPOL forms.