Furniture components Producer

Based on many years of experience in wood and veneer processing and finishing, we strive to provide our customers with a reliable,
repeatable and excellent product. We value stability, reliability and punctuality. We are proud to provide our partners with products
that meet their needs and provide added value and competitive edge

4 timber dryers, 1000 m3 raw material storage

2 four-side moulders, gluing press

Cutting the boards, veneering, edge banding

Own production of curved elements

Automated production of fronts,
100% control and selection of raw material for each front

5 CNC machines, technical department equipped with modern
tools for modeling and design

3 sanding lines, manual finishing of each piece

2 painting lines, 4 spray booths
adaptation of painting technology to customer requirements


We are proud of our original designs and sophisticated style that will give you lots of satisfaction and the pleasure of everyday staying in beautiful and exceptional kitchen space.

Living room

We carry out automated production of fronts and decorative elements for living room furniture. We have varnishing technology adapted to customer requirements.

Other projects

We produce laminated elements in a wide range of colors, wooden and made of MDF.